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In August 2019, the Husser Community Organization set out to fully restore the old Husser School, known today as the Husser Community Center. 

Since then, we have received MANY donations towards our effort, and have successfully marked off several vital portions of the overall project. 

In the spring of 2022, the foundation was leveled and several sills were replaced which had been sitting on the ground for a number of years. Throughout the summer a portion of the exterior siding was replaced with new boards, and is being prepped for painting. 

In December 2022, Pride Roofing, LLC out of Albany, La, reached out wishing to donate a roof to someone before Christmas. We were the lucky recipients of that roof, and after a day and a half, the old roof was removed and a brand new 26 gauge Ag Panel roof was installed!

At the start of 2023, the interior portions of the building will be repaired, and more of the cosmetic features will be tended to. It is the goal to have electricity restored by Christmas 2023.

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The phases outlined below are part of a fluid plan, which could change depending on the amount of money raised compared to the level of decay found in the building.


Phase 1 - Exterior

1. Foundation Leveling                               $20,000 - COMPLETED

2. Roof Replacement                                  $20,000 - COMPLETED

3. Siding / Doors / Windows / Porch        $10,000

Phase 1 is the most important part of the project! The steps outlined in Phase 1 will guarantee the building is leveled, protected from the elements, and well-sealed so as to prevent further deterioration.


Phase 2 - Interior

4. Floors / Ceiling / Wall Repair        $15,000

5. Electrical                                          $8,000

6. HVAC                                                 $15,000

Phase 2 will be the “cosmetic stage”, refinishing the floors, the ceiling, and insulating the walls to keep the building comfortable for its occupants. Phase 2 also consists of redoing the electrical components, and the air conditioning system. At the end of this phase, the building will be functional, less a restroom.


Phase 3 - Additions

7. Restroom Addition                           $8,000

8. ADA Ramp                                         $2,000

9. Sidewalks                                          $2,000

Phase 3 starts with the addition of an ADA compliant restroom. The current restrooms will be removed prior to the elevation and leveling, and a bigger, more modern restroom will be added later, along with an ADA ramp and sidewalks. At the completion of this phase, the building will officially be usable!

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